Fishing Tourism Valencia

Fishing Tourism Valencia. Welcome aboard!

Enjoy an exciting and exclusive adventure…!

If you choose to board a trawler you can experience a day of inshore fishing knowing firsthand the importance and value of traditional fishing.

If you choose a minor gear vessel, you can enjoy a day of fishing with the traditional gear of “trammel”, “longline” or “cadufos”, depending on the time of year in which you perform the activity.

Discover the different species of fish caught and learn to identify and value them.

Enjoy beautiful sunrises and the sighting of different species of birds and marine fauna.

Contact us and we will arrange the time and the starting point. The start time of the activity can vary between 5am and 9am.

Before boarding we will explain all the safety rules that you must take into account during the course of the activity.

If you have a special interest in any specific aspect of sea culture, fishing or the sea, do not hesitate to tell us when you make the reservation.

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